Landscape Maintenance

C.P.C. Landscape designs and maintains landscapes for residential and commercial customers. We use a variety of materials to suit the property, your tastes and budget. We also build decks, stairs, pergolas, and more!

Olympia Landscape Maintenance


C.P.C. Landscape LLC offers the best landscape maintenance in Olympia, WA. Established in 2007, our Olympia landscape maintenance company has over 15 years of experience providing professional landscape services.

Our team offers landscape services to both commercial and residential properties. We offer repair services and installation services of most things you might need around your property.

Our Olympia landscape maintenance company takes on both minor and major repairs. We always ensure that we stick to your budget while offering high-quality services to ensure that you get value for your money.

Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence with the quality and satisfaction of our work.

Our Olympia landscape maintenance company’s main focus for every project is to ensure that we exceed your expectations so that you can keep coming back and referring your friends.

Our Olympia landscape maintenance company also offers the following services:

  • Drainage and excavation services
  • Spring and fall clean-ups
  • Forestry mulching and brush mowing
  • Concrete installation

C.P.C. Landscape LLC offers some of the best Olympia landscape maintenance services. Call us today.

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Olympia Landscaping Services


Our Olympia landscaping services involve the maintenance of landscaping plants and trees to ensure that they are always in the right size and form. We also provide clients with a unique selection of plants and trees.

We offer exceptional landscaping service with high standards. Our Olympia landscape maintenance company has various plants that include shrubs, vines and flowering landscape plants.

Our Olympia landscaping services offer the best landscaping trees that thrive in the region. We offer the right advice on the kind of plants that will thrive in your poetry. We work on both big and small properties, while ensuring that our service meets your standards.

Our Olympia landscaping services have customized plans for our clients to ensure that all the plants are well taken care after we are done with the designing and planting phase.

Our Olympia landscaping services include:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Plant and tree selection
  • Plant and tree maintenance
  • Plant breeding services

For the best Olympia landscaping services, contact C.P.C. Landscape LLC.

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Olympia Landscaping Company


Our Olympia landscaping company adds plants that add to the functionality of your landscape. We also add trees that increase the value of your property. Our Olympia landscape maintenance company provides plants and trees that create a refreshing ambience to your property that you will love.

We choose the best trees from all the varieties available. Our Olympia landscaping company will help you choose the best trees to grow and thrive best in your region.

Our Olympia landscaping company offers annual and perennial plants that add a pop of color to your landscape. Annual plants bloom around one specific season, while perennial plants last for many years.

Our Olympia landscaping company has a team of experts that combine the two types of plants to help enhance the beauty of your property. We also provide garden maintenance and spring clean-up to help keep your property in pristine condition.

If you are looking for our Olympia landscaping company, contact us for:

  • Sod and hydroseeding
  • Fences and decks
  • Irrigation and installation service
  • Artificial turf installation

Contact our Olympia landscaping company, C.P.C. Landscape LLC, for high-quality landscape services.

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