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C.P.C. Landscape builds retaining walls, walkways and more for residential and commercial customers. We use a variety of materials to suit the property, your tastes and budget.

We also build concrete pads, driveways in many materials, fire pits and more!

Olympia Retaining Walls


At C.P.C. Landscape LLC, we make the most durable retaining walls in Olympia, WA. Most properties have stunning landscapes, but some have natural slopes and steps. If there is a slope where you need your driveway installed, the grading will be a disadvantage.

Our Olympia retaining walls company will eliminate the slope problem by constructing a retaining wall to help support the slope.

Our Olympia retaining walls company helps you use the available areas in a better practical way without the need to disturb the layout of the land. Our engineers build retainer walls that are perfect for helping serve a purpose.

Our Olympia retaining walls are recognized all over the region and are preferred by all types of contractors, including big and small projects.

Our team for Olympia retaining walls also offers the following services:

  • Concrete wall installation
  • Wall pavers installation
  • Artificial turf installation
  • Fence and decks installation

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Olympia Retaining Wall Pavers


At our Olympia retaining wall pavers company, we also construct retaining wall pavers that help prevent soil erosion that may lead to mudslides over time. If the retaining walls are not constructed in time, there will be serious damage to your landscape and the structure of your home.

Our Olympia retaining walls team of experts constructs different retaining walls that help provide the right support to your landscape.

Our Olympia retaining wall pavers company makes different retaining walls, including piling, gravity and cantilevered. The type of wall built on your property depends on where the wall has to be constructed.

Our Olympia retaining wall pavers company also ensures that we choose the right material to match the rest of your landscape.

If you want Olympia retaining wall pavers on your property, you can search for us using:

  • Wall pavers
  • Fences and deck
  • Artificial turfs
  • Landscape maintenance

C.P.C. Landscape LLC constructs Olympia retaining wall pavers. Call us today.

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Olympia Retaining Wall Contractors


Our Olympia retaining wall contractors will ensure that they will add value to your property by dividing available space in a better way. Some walls can serve two purposes; some can be built at a certain height to serve as a seat and as walls to prevent soil erosions.

Our Olympia retaining walls company ensures that our retaining walls make your landscape stable.

Our Olympia retaining wall contractors make high-grade retaining walls with the best materials and skilled personnel. We ensure that we finish the job within the stipulated time and always stick to the budget.

We always have a pre-decided budget that we work on with the clients, and we make sure that they are comfortable with it.

Our Olympia retaining wall contractors team of experts adopt a highly focused approach to the job so you are guaranteed a good outcome.

Here are some of the services our Olympia retaining wall contractors offer:

  • Excavation and drainage
  • Sod and hydroseeding
  • Spring and fall cleanups
  • Forestry mulching and brush mowing

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